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Dobbs Dental Laboratory

  is a family-owned dental laboratory that has been fabricating high-quality dental restorations for over 40 years. 

About Us

 Dobbs Dental has earned a reputation for the outstanding quality of both our service and our product. We specialize in high-end crown and bridge prosthetics using cutting-edge technology, and our commitment to beauty and functionality is evident in our work.   We strive to provide a consistent and professional dental laboratory service of the highest quality. Our family of experienced dental technology professionals has the comprehensive knowledge and sophisticated techniques essential to the success of the contemporary dental practice.  Quality is more than a popular cliché it is the cornerstone on which we have built our reputation. Restorations fabricated by Dobbs minimize chair time and maximize patient satisfaction. 



  • Shade Consultation
  • Diagnostic Wax-Ups
  • Bite Splints
  • Milled PMMA Temporaries
  • Printed models
  •  Model Verification jigs 
  • Reduction guides
  • Custom healing abutments
  • Temporary screw retained abutments



  • Porcelain fused to Zirconia with Zirconia Occlusions 
  • Screw Retained Crowns
  • Custom Implant Abutments
  • Full Zirconia Screw Retained Bridges
  • CAD Verification Implant jigs
  • E-MAX Crowns and Veneers (monolithic and layered)
  • Full Zirconia multi layer multi strength crowns / bridges
  • Inlays, onlays, maryland bridges & gold crowns

Work Flow

Communication for large cases


When starting a treatment plan we usually like to schedule a diagnostic wax-up or a 3D mock up model before preparation on more complex cases. Team treatment planning allows us a chance to discuss the overall objectives of both the doctor and the patient. After a diagnostic design is created and approved this will be our framework to work within. Many clients prefer our long term milled PMMA provisionals but that can add un needed costs in may cases.  Using a silicone matrix of the wax-up to fabricate the provisional restorations saves clinical time, and serves as a template for the final case. Please take records of any changes made to the temporary and forward that information to the lab via scan or impression as to avoid future adjustments. 

When scheduling full mouth reconstruction cases, be sure to communicate the sequencing of treatment; our personal preference is to do the anterior 20 teeth first, then the posterior 8 as a final phase of the treatment. It is important to know this when completing the diagnostic wax-up to have the matrix fabricated to work within the preferred sequence. We are also comfortable to schedule full-mouth reconstructions as a single-phase treatment if you prefer; we work with many different philosophies of treatment. 

Intra oral scanned cases


The only difference we've found when restoring large cases utilizing intra oral scanners is to make sure the bite is accurate.  It makes sense to send along a blue moose bite so we can verify the articulation or In the event you would like to change the articulation after the scan has been sent and models processed.  Pre Prep scans of existing dentition, modified temporaries or a diagnostic wax up is a huge help when designing the final prosthesis.  It is always helpful to let the lab know what bite position was recorded (CR or CO ) as to help us determine if the scanned bite was properly stitched together by the software.  For new doctors its important to communicate how you like your occlusal contacts and pontic designs for our records. The utilization of facial scanners such as Bellus or even iphone apps are starting to become more common for doctors using iOS.  These new facial scanners allow us a full 3D composite to aid in establishing a true facially generated treatment .

Scanning implant cases


Its important when planning large implant cases to be sure that the scan body used, is a system that we are connected with. Remember , the scan body controls the workflow.  As a result this means the ability to have a printed model to verify fit and function, restorative options weather it be cementable or screw retained , return times and especially the price. When we can save you money without compromising quality or warranty , we will!  For implants in the anterior region where you want to train the papilla we will be happy to provide you with custom healing abutments or temporary screw retained crowns. When the tissue is ready we will use the same emergence profile for the restoration.  Predictable results are usually the best results. 

We're here to help you provide the best in crown and bridge. Your patients demand it and your practice deserves it. 

2D & 3D Mock up designs for presentations


A picture is worth a thousand words. Before you speak with a patient who might entertain the idea of a smile make over,  take a few pictures first. Send us over a few high quality photos so we can provide you with our new smile design service. It's amazing the confidence you will have approaching the conversation of designing a new smile for your patient.  When you can put a  before and after photo in your patients hands it makes all the difference. For all our regular costumers its currently a free service.

After the patient shows some interest, then a scan or impression of the mouth can be used to design a 3D model mock up,  This technique is about 75% cheaper than a diagnostic wax up. From this model you  can make your temps and will be the template for our design team. 

Taking pictures changes the game


Quality , useful pictures sent with cases is more useful then ever before. On large anterior cases, a close-up full face photo of the patient with a big nature smile showing the teeth slightly open about 2mm is the most important image. A 30 second short video of the patient talking , laughing and smiling is a huge time saver for your staff .  The lab can screenshot the best frame to utilize. Taking one ideal photo can prove to be a real challenge. We align this photo into our 3Shape software to establish a facially driven aesthetic predictable outcome.  



The industry is constantly changing but nothing has changed as much as the materials . We strive to use the best materials available and are not afraid to change if we find a superior product available. For consistency and predictable outcomes, we do and have always used pre colored materials.  Currently multi layered , multi strength pre colored materials seem to have everything we've been waiting for.  Our lab prefers zirconia and emax. Our Zirconia has a 10 year warranty for all regular clients and a 1 year warranty on emax.  We do work hard to be flexible and understanding  and look at each situation with compassion. 

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